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Our Story

Vevilo is a leading American enterprise that specializes in organic agricultural produce for both import and export to Asia, Europe and the Middle East. We also import agricultural products to supply the market from South America and Africa.

Vevilo is among the first companies in American to implement modern farm link systems that employ leading-edge production management strategies and state-of-the-art farming equipment to ensure high-quality products at reasonable prices.

Mission and Vision

Market leader

Vevilo’s mission is to be the leading organic produce exporter in Asia. Having adopted strict European agricultural standards and having strategically located farms in southern regions of Vietnam, we are taking advantage of proven practices and ideal climatic conditions to produce the highest quality fruits and vegetables.

Reputable brand

The Vevilo brand is rapidly becoming recognized on the agricultural world stage. Intensifying public awareness of the importance of organic food is expanding opportunities worldwide. Vevilo’s high standards for consistency and quality of products, together with ever-increasing exports to major European countries, are cementing our impressive reputation.

Sustainable business

Production is just one component of our sustainable approach to business. Vevilo is continually implementing new strategies to improve production, foster farmer education and promote environmental conservation. This well-rounded model not only supports our mission, but also provides the foundation that ensures the future of sustainable farming.

Natural products

Vevilo is known for our natural, organic products. We meet our high standards for quality goods using only natural farming methods and strict quality assurance methods, starting with soil cultivation and continuing with attention to excellence in crop care, irrigation, chemical control, harvesting inspection, packaging and transportation.

Safe foods

At Vevilo, all our produce meets both domestic and international organic standards for seed selection, farming practices and processes, fertilizer and pesticide approval, quality control and packaging. Our agricultural experts are trained and dedicated to meeting these rigid requirements to support our vision for consistency and quality.

High nutrition

Our crop-growing process is applied with advanced and modern technology and quality assurance practices that ensure our organic fruits and vegetables are safe and nutritious completely free of toxic chemicals. Vevilo’s adherence to strict European standards guarantee our products are safe for human consumption throughout the world.

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