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Seed selection

To achieve high-quality and real organic produce, the process must start with planting the right seeds. Because seed selection requires stringent quality control, Vevilo employs experienced agricultural engineers from reputable universities, agricultural institutes, and foreign companies. These skilled specialists adhere to strict guidelines and take every measure of caution to ensure Vevilo’s high level of quality for seed selection.

Land for planting

Farmland selection is founded on three crucial criteria: climatic conditions, local environment and soil quality. First, we look for land where the climate is suitable for the intended crops. The land must be free from waste and industrial products, located away from factories and residential areas. Once a farm has been selected, Vevilo’s team of specialists educates the farmers on techniques for maintaining soil quality, including but not limited to crop rotation and use of only approved fertilizers and pesticides.

Crop care

Throughout the growing period, crops are repeatedly tested and continually monitored for insect infestation and soil contamination. Irrigation and the application of pesticides and fertilizers are examined and performed with great care and attention to established protocols. Continued training and vigilance ensure the integrity of crops.

Harvesting and packaging

Harvesting, preliminary processing and packaging take place in modern workshops that ensure proper handling from the farm all the way to the customer. During this process, random samples of the harvested products are tested to guarantee appropriate product classification to meet export standards for size, weight and appearance.

Our Certificates

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